The Many Faces of China

WIth the jet lag cleared from my head, I was able to spend a little time to sort through my collection of pictures that I had accumulated during my trip to China. Being the project manager for PDX Wildlife, I get the pleasure of welcoming interns into China (I love my job).

One of the many joys while traveling in China.
One of the many joys while traveling in China. Home to the friendliest people on earth.

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Miranda’s Exciting Exit- PANDA BABIES!

The base has recently been booming with new borns, new born twins that is! There are currently 12 babies at Bifengxia! Recently, Ge Ge gave birth to twins Sunday night 08/09/2015, Jing Xin who gave birth to twins on Friday night 08/14/2015, and the famous San Diego panda Zhen Zhen gave birth to twins on Friday night 08/08/2015 as well.

Ying Hua's cub is growing so fast!
Ying Hua’s cub is growing so fast!

Ying hua and Xi xi’s babies are doing very well. They are growing like weeds and are coming up on there 2 month birth day on the 19th (Ying Hua) and 30th (Xi Xi) of August. Ying Hua and Xi Xi both gave birth to a adorable baby girls. I have recently been collecting maternal care data on each of these mothers and it is very interesting to watch them and see how they differ in maternal care. Just like us, each mother has her own style of taking care of their babies and they are doing a great job! Lucky for them, they have had practice before these two cubs were born. Xi Xi and Ying Hua are experienced panda cub raisers since they have both given birth and raised a quite a few cubs in previous years.

Luckily, my last two weeks here I was able to really watch the mothers and cubs and learn a little bit about panda maternal care. Unfortunately my time here at Bifengxia has come to a close. This was an unforgettable experience being in China and working with all the pandas and wonderful employees of the Bifengxia panda base. The transition to a new country was not easy being a new comer to China and it being my first time traveling alone, but everyone made me feel welcome and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Getting to know each and every panda was especially great because they really do grow on you. I couldn’t begin to pick a favorite because they are all fantastic in their own ways.

The three months I have spent here have gone by in basically a blink of an eye. I will never get used to not being able to wake up in the morning and go see dozens of pandas staring me right in the face when I get home, but I am pretty sure I will make my way back to China soon. Thank you to Meg and Nate for giving me this amazing opportunity and thank you to the staff of the CCRCGP for welcoming me with open arms!

Thank You Miranda. We look forward to working with you in the future!

Giant Panda Internships NOW OPEN

PDX Wildlife just opened their 2016 international internship opportunities to study captive giant pandas in Ya’an, Sichuan, China. Each year PDX Wildlife invites interns to China to take part in their research on the iconic panda bear. These interns work on projects that include- collecting and cataloging feces, observing mating and stereotypic behaviors, collecting personality profiles, analyzing for hormones, and studying feeding behaviors.

Currently available internships include:

To learn more and apply to one of these internships, simply click the link and follow the directions. We are excited to begin the 2016 research and hope that you will join us. Below is a quick video on what you can also expect to see during a typical PDX Wildlife internship.

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