MSC Miniseries: Sole

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From a fish that’s been caught since the 1800s to the highest valued flatfish on the West Coast, the new MSC certification of three commercially important flathead species, Pacific Dover sole, Petrale sole, and English sole, is opening up a market to sustainably minded food enthusiasts as well as your everyday cook. There are over 13 flathead species that live on the west coast between Baja California and the Bering Sea Continue reading

Drink a beer, save a butterfly!

Image compiled from Oregon Coast Aquarium and Pelican Brewery

Image compiled from Oregon Coast Aquarium and Pelican Brewery

I’m not sure if all of you are aware of the fabulous work the Oregon Zoo does with local endangered species but if not you should definitely go read up on their work with Columbia Basin pygmy rabbits, Oregon spotted frog, Western pond turtle,  Taylor’s checkerspot butterfly and (the topic of the current post) the Oregon Silverspot butterfly.

The Oregon silverspot butterfly once inhabited most of the  coastal grasslands near the Pacific Ocean but was reduced to four Oregon populations by the 1990s. Populations have declined due to habitat loss and degradation mainly from development of coastal headlands, fire suppression, grazing and the invasion of non-native plants that have reduced its host plant population.  What is a host plant? Most butterflies rely on a single plant (the host plant) to complete their life cycle.  The host plant of the Oregon silverspot butter is the early blue violet.

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MSC Miniseries: Rockfish

Sea Forger's Chilipepper Rockfish Tacos

Sea Forger’s Chilipepper Rockfish Tacos

Of the 13 MSC certified species from the west coast groundfish trawl fishery, six of these are rockfish. Chilipepper rockfish, splitnose rockfish, widow rockfish, yellowtail rockfish, longspine thornyhead, and shortspine thornyhead were all previously listed as “avoid” species on the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch guide however with the new MSC certification they are now all “good alternative” species. The new yellow label on these west coast rockfish has significantly broadened the sustainable rockfish options available to west coast chefs, consumers, and suppliers who were previously confined by a small number of hook and line caught rockfish species. Continue reading

MiniSeries: New Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Certifications for Oregon Fisheries!

Nobu miso black cod

Nothing screams summer like sitting outside and enjoying a nice piece of freshly grilled fish or cracking open a steaming Dungeness crab. With summer beginning tomorrow, we have decided to kick off our first ever PDXSeafood Sustainable Seafood Miniseries! In honor of the 13 new Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified fish on the U.S. West Coast, this miniseries is going to be focusing on these species as well as other lesser known sustainable seafood options available locally in Oregon. Not only will we be sharing amazing recipes, but also telling the stories of these fish, and informing you on where to buy them!

Before we introduce the first species featured in this miniseries and praise it for its silkiness and rich omega-3 laden fats, Continue reading

Take the pledge to protect our Oceans

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Katherine and I have been kicking off the PDXSeafood program for its second summer!  We’ve been super busy getting the facebook page up and running, a twitter account, and starting our outreach to more restaurants. (You can tell an interns going to be awesome when they get all of that done in just one week!).

Image obtained from WCS email

Image obtained from WCS email

Appropriately, I got a Wildlife Conservation Society email asking me to take a pledge to help the ocean’s wildlife.  This pledge was prompted by the  U.S. State Department hosting one of

the world’s largest gatherings dedicated to ocean conservation next week on the 16th.  The pledge list will be presented at the conference in the form of little red fish posted throughout the conference halls with pledge names on them.

Pledge now – also, go ‘like’ us on Facebook and follow our Twitter feed.


Welcome to our new PDXSeafood Intern: Katherine Rizk

Katherine Rizk

Katherine Rizk

Diana and I are excited to kick off another season of recruiting restaurants to the PDXSeafood program – it’s been slow going but we’ve contributed this to our inability to make face-to-face contact with Portland restaurants.  This year we wizened up and decided to dedicate an entire intern to the cause, and that’s how we met Katherin Rizk.

Katherine grew up in Princeton, New Jersey and is currently a junior at Colby College in Waterville, Maine. From a young age, she was exposed to addressing environmental issues on a local front.  Growing up in a self-proclaimed “locavore” family with a mom dedicated to the local and sustainable food movement, she was inspired to pursue studies in environmental policy.

When introduced to the topic of marine policy in the beginning of her freshman year Katherine was shocked at how little she knew about the global fish crisis. Continue reading